Saturday, June 6, 2009

LEVEL in the press

A few weeks back I was copied on an email response to Konrad Marshall (Indy Star arts reporter) from Wil Marquez:

Come te sientes amigo! Many thanks for asking me, your homework can stop here. I will offer these 5 uniquely different, but special individuals. These 5 are to me the most intriguing individuals I know and whose dialog is fit for a conversation on design at any level. They all are doing interesting work at some level and can inform your article with guts and substance. Good luck! let me know if you need their information, they should be easy to find. They are in no particular order

1. Brian McCutheon - Artist/Fabricator
2. Nikki Sutton - Interior Design with LEVEL
3. Jason Barisano - Architect A2SO4
4. Ana de Brea - Professor of Architecture, Ball State University
5. Cory Robinson - Professor at Heron/ Furniture Designer

Three weeks later, this story launched in the Star.

Will, thank you for the kind words. I am not sure what I did to land on this list but I'll take it! And thank you Konrad for featuring my work along such dedicated artisans. To learn more about Wil check out this interview.

I wanted to post this story for a couple reasons. One, for blatant self promotion. Two, because Chris Foster of Fosterweld did not get credit for the fabrication of the coffee table. And three, because I mention in the article that the table's design was inspired by two pieces of furniture in the room, neither of which were pictured. So I snapped one with my trusty iphone.:

The hung storage pieces featured in this image are MASH Studios LAX Wall Mounted Shelf from Design Republic and the rocker is the Hubbard rocker from Room and Board.
This is an aerial view of the coffee table. The thin steel that forms the shelf and the top are painted with a white enamel. The top spills over on the right, hiding the table's contents from the open room. Steel was selected for both its durability and its weight.
The legs are were kept raw to showcase the irregular chatter marks made by Chris' grinding. We knew the legs of the Room and Board chair were natural steel but we were surprised when it arrived that it too had exposed grind marks. A happy little accident!

This project is a loft renovation that I did in Mill No. 9 and has just wrapped up in the last week. The owners, Rob and Carol Lukemeyer are two of the most dynamic people you could ever hope to befriend. Ms. Osherov and I will be shooting their space later in the month. Stay tuned! Thanks Rob and Carol for allowing the Star to photograph your space just one day after your vacation!


polina osherov said...

Nicely done! Hope it gets you the attention and the projects you deserve!

Anonymous said...

We are at a critical time in our cities history I believe. We are in need of new voices and new breath. I feel I and others have a responsibility to lift others up in this effort for higher expectations in design and architecture.

Professionals our age are now coming of age and influence. It will be a struggle to untangle and deconstuct the over 25 years of mental manipulation developers and post modernist have contrived with their exaustive and predicable clasical throwback designs, inefficient buildings, and character style

We've heard the argument, "It's what the public wants" or "its what the public demands."

I will tell you that this is the differece between professionals (those who profess to have societies best interest in mind, like architects, doctors, etc) and those who profess nothing at all and have no obligation to help move society along in order to advance our society and culture.

It doesn't take much to understand that if we feed the public medocrity and gable roofs for all of their lives over generations, that the expectation molds into exactly that. A public that sleepwalks, ask no questions, and worst of all shares the same thirst for the qualitative. This is what has unfolded...a serious condition.

I believe in our brief chat, that your interested in offering an alternative. Your represent newness and your skill will only be seen as kryptonite to most out there, but I believe different.

You offer something beyond what has become the default for most american families and your a game changer who believes design matters...collaboration matters...and lifting others in this city matters.