Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Catou Couture in Trying Times

I have recently started taking resumes for an additional designer. While I am looking for someone with a few years of experience in the field of interior design, my mailbox continues to be bombarded with new graduates in search of a lucky break. I know that when I graduated in 2001, job openings felt limited. Now with gratuitous layoffs in the field of architecture and design, competition for jobs is even steeper. I told my good friend Polina Osherov that I wanted our next shoot to be based on the idea of an opportunity drought in our "The sky is the limit" world. As our plucky young model was transformed into distraught lonely model I thought to myself, I should probably be thinking of brighter, happier imagery but a girl can only shut out so much...

To see more of these images, visit my website. Thank you to our very cold model, Amy Hopper; our makeup artist, Beth Jerrels; clothing designer Bernie Martin of Catou Couture and of course Vladamir Osherov.

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